Savannah's dark history... all around you. 

"The Savannah Underground" is the first of it's kind in our haunted city. It's an immersive experience that showcases Savannah's sinister past and surrounds the viewer with three unnerving true stories. 

Developed by the creative team at Savannah's very own Red Eye Film Productions, this ghostly attraction allows you to explore the city like you've never imagined.

Three Frightening Tales

Embark on the ghost hunting trip of a lifetime as you encounter three grim stories, all of which took place in Savannah's horrific past. 


Alice Riley

The year is 1734

Alice Riley, an indentured servant, murders her abusive master. After giving birth to her only child, she's the first woman hanged in the state of Georgia. 


Boo Hag

The year is 1894


A woman named Sabel is haunted by what the Gullah Geechee people call a "Hag". The Hag creeps into her room each night and rides her chest, zapping her of her energy.


Demon House

The year is 1963

Mary is possessed by a demon that's inhabited East Savannah long before it was inhabited. On Dec. 7th 1963, the only confirmed exorcism in Savannah took place.

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