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Not in Savannah?

Not in Savannah to do the in-person experience?

No problem!

We have worked with airbnb to take The Savannah Underground from the stage to the screen! Experience Savannah's dark and terrifying history from your couch in an online interactive tour. 

Maeve will be your live guide through Haunted Savannah, and will talk about Alice Riley, Boo Hags, and Savannah's horrifying demonic presence, plus many more tales from beneath the cobblestone. 


Explore The Most Haunted City in the World from your home!

Let us take you around to the most haunted spots in Savannah. You'll stay oriented with animated maps, get an in-depth look at gorgeous Savannah, and hear the stories that'll keep you up at night.


Watch three professionally filmed Savannah Underground stories unfold.

We have professionally shot all three Savannah Underground stories that you'd see in person, and incorporated them into this experience! You'll watch The Story of Alice Riley, Boo Hags, and The St. Julian St. Demon House!


Every Experience is brought to you live from our theatre.

Meet your guide through Savannah's dark past, Maeve Stone. She's a local paranormal expert and will answer all your questions ghosts, death, and horrific hauntings... and she'll do it all from The Savannah Underground Theatre!

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