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Why just hear about Savannah's dark history...


...when you can be a part of it?



Experience Savannah's dark past in this fully interactive and immersive show. Three ghost stories play out around you in a 360 degree set.



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Not your average ghost tour. Dive into Savannah's haunted history on an immersive trolley ride that takes you to the show.




Savannah's Newest Immersive Attraction

The Savannah Underground is a ghost hunting attraction like Savannah has never seen. It's a new way to experience Savannah's dark & terrifying past as three creepy, true

 tales play out around you in a 360 degree set. This is not your average Savannah ghost tour... This is one of the scariest things to do in Historic Savannah. 

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One Spooky 

History Lesson

All three southern fried horror tales you'll experience have taken place in Savannah and it's surrounding areas. Experience the most haunted place in America.

What People Say About
The Savannah Underground.


B. Davis

This was such a well produced, acted, and executed show. The frights are as real as the historical stories and it was definitely worth the price. Check it out if you love horror!


L. Skornia

We had a wonderful time. Our group found ourselves suspending reality, as we truly became completely immersed in the experience. Definitely a must see!


A. Murdoch

Just the right amount of spooky! This experience makes Savannah history and ghost stories come to life and actually makes you part of the story. This is a great way to learn about some of Savannah's most famous ghost stories and way more exciting than a ghost tour.

Three Frightening Tales

Embark on the ghost hunting trip of a lifetime as you encounter three grim stories, all of which took place in Savannah's horrific past. 


Yellow Fever

The year is 1820

A young girl suffers from the brutal disease that ravaged Savannah... yellow fever. Assist Dr. Gaust in putting her out of her misery.


Boo Hag

The year is 1894


A woman named Sabel is haunted by what the Gullah Geechee people call a "Hag". The Hag creeps into her room each night and rides her chest, zapping her of her energy.


Demon House

The Year is 1963

Meet Mary... A teenage girl who was the subject of Savannah's only confirmed exorcism.

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