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Frequently Asked Questions

"Will I Be Touched?"

No. Other than the occasional accidental shoulder rub, you will NOT be touched at all during the show. The actors will get very close though. 

"Is the show appropriate for families?"

Yes! But it is frightening. We recommend ages 13+.

"What do you mean by immersive?"

In our Savannah based immersive attraction, the word immersive essentially means that you're a part of the show, and can choose to move around and view it from any angle you please! 

"Am I eligible for a discount?"


*ID Required*

-ALL military: 10%

-Local: 5%

-Student: 5%

-Senior 60+: 10%

"Is this show suitable for guests with photosensitive epilepsy?"

No, there is flashing lights and fog. 

"What if I don't want to get immersive?"

We have seating for those who rather not be fully immersed into our horror based show. 

"Where do

I park?"

There's lots of free parking available!

"Are masks required?"

No they are not.

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